Welcome to the Last Stronghold of the Hardcore Trainee.

MetroFlex Minneapolis/St. Paul is not a health club – we are a GYM, catering to individuals and athletes of all genres. You don’t need to be an experienced lifter to be a member – you only need the desire to better yourself in a better atmosphere. We are proudly continuing the legacy that legendary Brian Dobson started in 1987 with the original MetroFlex in Arlington, Texas, home gym to 8-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman and all-time great Branch Warren. We opened as the 22nd MetroFlex in the nation, carrying on this great name.

Housed in a 7,000 square-foot facility, MetroFlex Minneapolis/St. Paul has over 10,000 pounds of iron and is extremely well-equipped with a mixture of state-of-the-art equipment and old-school equipment. We have 720 square-feet of artificial turf and a variety of cardio machines for your conditioning needs. We also offer personal training services with Rollie DeGrio’s Team Swole Inc. and Jessica Roscoe FIT as on-staff trainers.

Come by and check us out to take advantage of this legacy gym. Once you walk through the door, the difference is apparent.

Loud music provided, chalk provided, atmosphere provided.
You train, you make noise, you excel.

MetroFlex Minneapolis/St. Paul – The Legacy Continues.

Dedicate. Elevate. Dominate.

Make your will stronger than your weakness.


The only rule here at MetroFlex Gym – Minneapolis/St. Paul is you leave better than you arrived.
Training, diet and supplementation are all offered from our trainers to assist you in meeting your goals.

Rollie DeGrio
Rollie DeGrio
Lead Trainer / Co-Owner

Rollie brings 22 years of training experience to the table. Within that time, he founded Team Swole, Inc. and has trained/coached hundreds of athletes and clients – from the average person’s health and fitness goals to professional athletes. Rollie has also coached a multitude of athletes to their Pro Cards in numerous bodybuilding shows and his clients have won multiple Pro Shows as well. Using his motto, “The work never fails”, be rest assured, if you bring your work ethic, he’ll bring you the results.

Rollie specializes in:
• Weight loss
• Contest prep
• Metabolic conditioning
• Physique development
• Meal plans
• Strength training
• Injury rehab
Online coaching available

Jessica Roscoe
Jessica Roscoe
Certified Personal Trainer / IFPA Bikini Pro

Jessica is a 5-time 1st place and 3-time overall Bikini Competitor. Placing 1st in her very first show and earning her Pro Card later that year, Jessica went on to receive 1st overall Bikini Champion at her Pro debut a few months later, leading her to placing Top 5 in the world.

Jessica has online clients nationwide and in-person at Metroflex, all of whom she tailors her approach depending on their personal goals. She prides herself on investing her heart and soul into every person she works with, giving them more than just a plan but also a support system.

Jessica specializes in:
• Weight loss
• Muscle gain
• Eating disorders
• Strength training
• Conditioning
• Meal plans
• Contest prep
• Bikini posing
• Competition hair & makeup
Online coaching available

Learn more at JessicaRoscoeFIT.com.

For more information, call (763) 208-8692.

Also available…

Massage Therapy by Hands On Healing
Ashley Ullom – AMTA Certified

Specializing In:
Deep tissue, trigger point therapy, crossfiber friction, relaxation/Swedish

Additional Services:
Aroma therapy, cupping

Call or text (763) 670-9530 to schedule your appointment today!

MetroFlex – Minneapolis / St. Paul is proud to be one of the exclusive retailers of Iron Hyde Labs Supplements.



Key Fob Cards

Key Fob: $3
Replacement Fee: $10

Military & Law Enforcement

Military: 25% discount
Law Enforcement: 25%-40% discount

Enrollment fee is $10 for all memberships.

Leave better than you arrived.


MetroFlex Gym – Minneapolis/St. Paul

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